Friday, August 15, 2014

Old Potted Lime finds a new home

Our old potted lime tree which must be nearly 5 years old by now, has been looking worse for wear lately to say the least. We've had to prune it a bit lately due to bore wasp, or citrus gall wasp, so its looking scrawny, and we also went through a dry spell when the lime tree got forgotten! Its amazing it's survived the treatment it's gotten! We finally re-potted it into a big pot the other day. When we pulled it out of the old pot we were both surprised to find the root ball was smaller than we expected, due to the water reservoir taking up space in the bottom of the pot. The lime tree was very root bound, but we weren't sure how much to tease the roots, as we had found conflicting information on the net, so we just teased the roots a little and didn't really prune the root ball as such. We filled the bottom with a good quality potting mix, it should do well in its new home!
a tired old lime tree gets a bigger pot and a new home

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