Saturday, August 2, 2014

Russian Apple Pie

I had a go at making this Russian apple pie, which was easy enough for me. There are just 4 simple ingredients, apples, flour, sugar and eggs. I found the idea for the recipe at My Fridge Food, a site where you can enter the contents of your pantry, and it suggests recipes you can cook with what you have. Its an awesome idea, and it means you can make lots of things without having to buy anything special or waiting for a chance to get to the shops.

Russian apple pie is a simple cake that is dairy free
This pie, which is more a cake than a pie, turned out ok, but I think I cooked mine a bit too high and it came out a bit crunchy instead of soft. And I think the batter should be mixed a little with the apples, as mine didn't fall all the way through to the bottom. I turned it over and only a little bit of the batter came through, so I didn't turn my cake upside as suggested.
there are only 4 simple ingredients, apples, eggs, sugar and plain flour
If I cook this again, I'll mix the batter with the apples a little bit. We shall see if my husband likes it! The good thing about this cake is its dairy free!

Russian apple pie cooking in the oven

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