Friday, March 30, 2012

Grandpa's Easter Beanie

Two years ago I made a simple brown beanie which I gave to my father. He's been wearing it to bed because the sleep apnoea machine he has to use digs into his ears at night. But the beanie is too warm to wear in summer, so he's asked me to make him a cotton one. Although summer is nearly over, I've made him this green and blue cotton beanie to wear for now. I'll make him a warmer one for winter.
Grandpa's Easter Beanie
For this cotton from Bendigo Mill, I used the recommended 4mm hook. To get the size right, I started with a round of 20 dc. I thought to make 6 increasing rounds, but this made it too small and I had to unravel it and make a 7th increasing round. The pattern is simply (dc, sk 1 ch 1) repeated, this makes spaces and a light wearing beanie for warmer months.

I wasn't happy with the round joints and how the yarn was showing through because I was carrying it and not cutting it at every colour change. Luckily this Wednesday I had a chance to go to my old craft classes, now that Thomas is in childcare one day a week. My old teacher was still there, thank goodness, because she is a most excellent teacher! I haven't been since I was pregnant in 2010, so it was wonderful to go back and ask her some pressing crochet questions! Dell showed me how to twist the carried yarn so it wouldn't show from the front. She also suggested I put an extra slip stitch to stop the beginning of the round slide too far over, which was making the first stitch of the round too spread out. I secured the first stitch inside a chain, thanks to Dell. I hope I will find time again soon to go back to my favourite crochet class at Creative Women's Centre at Greenslopes Mall. And nope, I don't have a link to their website, because they don't have one - shesh!

Despite having to unravel most of it when I was nearly finished, this beanie still didn't take me long to make. I hope it fits my dad and he likes it!

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