Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby's Easy Red Bow Tie

I quickly whipped up this smart looking bow tie for my baby to wear for good luck on a special day!

I looked on google for images of "easy crochet bow ties". I could see straight away how I could make one for my baby to wear so I made it within an hour. Luckily, it was a Saturday morning so David could look after Thomas while I made it before we got ready to go to the birthday parties!
easy red bow tie for a baby
Using a 4mm hook and some red acrylic I bought from K-Mart a while ago, I started by making a little red bag, then closed it up to form the main body of the bow. I fastened off then made the middle section, then the neck strap which is closed with a button. It was pretty easy!
easy bow tie in progress
I just meant for this to be a bit of fun, to lighten the mood on a potentially difficult day. Sometimes its a good thing to look silly. Especially if it's your baby, then he just looks super cute!

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