Sunday, March 4, 2012

Purple Flower Baby Headband

purple flower baby headband
Here is my first baby headband, with a pretty flower. Its a good thing I had a baby boy and not a girl, as any daughter of mine would be obliged to wear these, and often!

I made up my own pattern for this, as I don't think it was difficult. My first attempt used a 5mm hook to make the headband, but the stitches looked too slack so I undid it. I switched to a 3.5mm hook and made the flower first. When I was finally happy with it, I then made a headband to suit it.

For the flower, I started with a round of 12 dc, the second round has the 6 puffy petals. A petal is in every 2nd dc with a sc in the other dc, a petal is sc, hdc, dc, 3 tr, dc, hdc, sc. I then pinched the 3 tr and turned the petals so they popped out and were rounded. I then turned the flower over and underneath, added 2 dc to the back loop of every dc of the 1st round, for a total of 24 stitches, then turned it back around. The last round of the underneath is some simple scallops (sk 1, 5 dc, sk 1, sl st). Underneath sits flat and helps the front petals sit up nicely.
closeup of Isabella's purple flower
I then made a headband to match, it has a 42cm circumference and fits around my one year's old head. I'm sure he doesn't mind being measured for a baby headband! I started with a chain and sl st to form a loop to make a circumference to fit my baby's head, the 2nd round is a row of sc in every ch. Then I did granny clusters (3 dc) in every 3rd sc. At the end of the round, there wasn't quite the right number of sc so the last granny cluster is a little closer to its neighbour. I did 5 rows of granny clusters, then finished with a round of sc.

For an embellishment, I used a small piece of lace I picked up at the local RSPCA op shop, and sewed it to the middle of the flower with lilac thread, then I sewed on a pretty purple button. Finally, I secured the flower to the headband with the lilac thread. I hope the recipient likes this gift, I sure hope it fits!

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