Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blue Flower Handmade Label

I've been needing some lovely handmade labels to attach to my crochet gifts, and this is what my mum came up with!
blue flower handmade label for crochet gifts
When I give someone a handmade crochet gift, I need a label tag to attach to it, saying what kind of fibre it is and the washing instructions. I also want to put my blog address so if anyone wants to learn more about the item I made for them, they could read more about it on my blog. Although I'm pretty sure most of them don't do that!

My mum has a special cutting machine that cut out these tags, I think they do the job very well as they fold onto themselves. That way there is more room to write washing instructions inside, but its still a cute little tag. I'll tie some pretty recycled ribbon to attach the label to the crochet gift. Very pretty I think!

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