Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Small Pale Green Plastic Bag Holder

I need to keep my smaller bags separate from the larger bags, so I made this smaller one. It's narrower than the other plastic bag holders I've made but otherwise the same, so smaller plastic bags will fit inside it better.
small bag holder
By now this is the fourth bag holder I've done, and I realised if I started with a chain, I could have one less fasten off. The chain at the start will form the first drawstring. The chain is double the width the bag will be. For this one I used a 3.5mm hook and some more of the pale green craft acrylic yarn which was made in Australia.
start with a chain to make the 1st drawstring
Now I've made this and taken photos, it needs to be put straight to work! There are so many projects I want to finish now, and some things for around my own home seem to keep falling down my priority list. Hopefully I can get some more housey things done in the next week or two!

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