Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lilac Easter Egg Cosy

Here is my first successful attempt at a crochet Easter egg which I finished yesterday. I decided on a drawstring cosy to make it easy to put the egg inside, and to get it out!
delicate lilac egg cosy
When I first saw these a year or two ago I thought they looked amazing and far too hard for me to attempt. This year, when I saw them again I did think I could try it, but I didn't think it would be as easy as it turned out to be. I'm now planning to make quite a few of these! The handy drawstring can also be used to hang the eggs as decoration, if you're that way inclined!

I used my 1.5mm hook, anything smaller than that and I start to go cross-eyed! I chose some fine candle-wicking cotton my mother gave me (she has given me almost all of my cotton, thanks mum!), in a pretty lilac colour. Last weekend I went to the trouble of blowing some chicken eggs and dying them with food colouring. Then last week I saw these plastic ones that you can open at Lincraft for $1.50 so I grabbed them.

While I'm still learning, I'll use these plastic eggs. When I get more confident I'll use the real egg shells. I hope I don't smash them!

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