Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cotton Anniversary Gift, Man-sized Dishcloth

Today is our 2nd wedding anniversary, and the traditional gift to give is "cotton". My husband has already given me the best present ever, a packet of cotton seeds! My eldest plant is nearly 7 weeks old now. But what can I give him? Well, how about a man sized dish cloth for the kitchen, in a romantic lovey dovey design?
love hearts detail, perfect for a 2nd anniversary gift
I used a pattern from a photo I saw on pinterest, which sent me to the free pattern called "I love scraps" by Mary Ann Frits. But I had to work out how many starting chains for a small dishcloth. The number you start with must be a multiple of 7, plus 1. There will be one less heart cluster than the number of 7s you have, as half a heart is on each edge. For this dish cloth, I started with a 6 x 7 +1 (43 chains), which gives you 5 heart clusters across. Then I went up for 7 rows of hearts, which gives you a cloth that measures about 22cm x 25cm, if you use a 4mm hook with 8 ply cotton, like I did here.
man-sized dish cloth in pink and green
This man-sized dishcloth is perfect for when my husband is working in the kitchen! I have other gifts to give him of course, including a new cookie tray for baking, but none of them are cotton. So I thought I could pop this into the wrap! Happy Anniversary, darling!


  1. That has turned out great! Crocheted cloths are far better in the kitchen than pretty much anything store bought, for sure. Plus, the addition of having it look however you like is even better! If your husband likes his kitchen time, I can imagine it will be well appreciated :)
    Happy Anniversary, as well dear :)

  2. thanks heaps, he says he likes it and has set it to work already!


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