Friday, October 19, 2012

Laminated Magnet Game for a Toddler

A few weeks back, when I last visited my parents to help with their fruit trees, I also managed to get my recycled magnet puzzle laminated using my dad's laminating machine.
these paper cards are now laminated and re-glued onto recycled magnets
It became apparent fairly quickly that the recycled magnet puzzle would not withstand the toddler test. Thomas immediately ripped the paper from the magnets! But now that the paper has been laminated, and the magnets re-glued with craft glue to the back of the laminated plastic, the cards are holding up considerably better than before.

These 8 cards are just the start of what I have planned to make with recycled magnets. After our recent house hunting, I even have more handy large magnets from real estate agents to recycle! Thanks to dad for letting me borrow his machine, and to mum for operating it for me. Where would I be without you guys???

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