Friday, October 26, 2012

Recycle Broken Sippy Cups into Sand Toys

If you have bought some of these expensive sippy cups, here's a quick tip. If they break, like most of mine have, don't throw the lids away because that part is more durable and makes a good sandpit toy.
don't throw these out, they make great sand toys
remove the straw and the sand falls through the hole
You know how expensive these things are, and I was quite annoyed when one then a second cup broke when my son threw them or dropped them on the ground! What a waste of money they were! I really thought for that price they would be more durable. I threw the cracked cup away, but the lid is quite durable. Simply remove the straw to recycle into a fun sand pit toy.
my son watches the sand fall out of the cups
My son loved playing with these this morning. He would scoop up sand then watch it fall out through the hole. He would cup the two lids together and watch the sand fall out that way. He intermittently would place a cup on his knee.
my son playing with the recycled sippy cups
These have turned out to be great sand pit toys, now I don't feel as bad as I did when an expensive thing like that sippy cup broke and I had to throw some of it away. I hate wasting money and throwing it away, don't you?

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