Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Great-Grandmother's Extendible Table

I really appreciate sensible, functional and flexible furniture like this old extendible table that once belonged to my great-grandmother. I like extendible tables so much that I have a small one myself.
my great-grandmother's extendible table folded out to full size seats 10 or more
Extendible tables like the small one we have, are really sensible for renters like us, because you never know when the next place you live will only have a small space for your table. But never mind, one day you might live somewhere where there is more space, and you can extend it out for large family gatherings. I'd like to get a photo of this old table folded into its small size, but that wasn't convenient this time. This table is at my mother's house and there's plenty of room for us all to sit around and enjoy a family meal together.


  1. the perfect table for gatherings, and crafting (when not using for meals!)

  2. you can squeeze a lot of friends and family around it!


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