Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Colourful Pyramid Toy

For this pyramid toy, I used 8 triangles I made for my triangle post. I had a couple of requests for the triangle patterns, so made some up to test my pattern. But what else could I do with a bunch of triangles but make this cute toy for my son?
small pyramid toy made from 8 triangles in contrasting colours
I made 4 solid triangles and 4 lattice triangles in contrasting colours. The lattice triangles get stretched over the top of the solid ones. I used the primary colours of red, blue and yellow, as well as brown because that's the colour you get when you put all 3 primary colours together. In those colours I made 4 lattice triangles to go over the top of the solid triangles, which were in the secondary colours of purple, orange and green, as well as pink. The contrasting colour is the one opposite on the colour wheel, so opposite blue is orange, opposite red is green, and opposite yellow is purple.
4 solid triangles are joined together with invisible stitch
Once the triangles were made, I lightly pressed them into shape with a steam iron. I joined the 4 solid triangles with invisible stitch along the edges of one triangle, the 4 lattice triangles were joined the same way. The 4 traingles were then joined down another seam to make them sit up into a pyramid shape, the other 4 triangles were also sewn one more seam in this way.
joining up the lattice layer of triangles
Then the 8 triangles were joined together at one apex of the pyramid, carefully overlapping the lattice triangles so the corresponding solid colour would show threw underneath. Each set of 4 triangles are joined together as if a seperate pyramid, only joining the two at the points. I joined the 3rd and 4th last seams together seperately but while the two layers of triangles were joined together.
a 4th seam makes the triangles sit up into pyramid shapes
Before joining the last two seams together, I filled the pyramid with dried beans. Then I finished by sewing up the last two seams, the inside solid one first. Lastly, the last seam on the lattice layers was sewn up, gently pulling the lattice triangles so they covered the solid triangles. The first round of the lattice triangles need to be firmly secured, as two of mine unravelled and I had to do a repair job!
sewing up the last two seams with dried beans inside
I've given this toy to my son to play with, to test it out. Maybe the beans will work their way out of the crochet? We shall see ...

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