Thursday, December 20, 2012

A very long scarf

And here ends the saga of the three scarves! Yet again I spent far too much time on this, when after it all I just ended up making a very simple long and skinny scarf, unravelling an earlier attempt to make a cowl!
this very long scarf is nearly 3 meters long
At first I thought this would be a convertible cowl with home-made polymer clay buttons. But then I learned my sister-in-law prefers long and skinny scarves, not short fat cowls, and then I misplaced the pattern for the started scarf, so this got unravelled. I had to give up on the polymer clay idea because the black clay I had was too old and I had to throw it out, and then when I went to the store to find some more they didn't have the right colour! The cowl pattern was inspired by a cowl I saw on pinterest,but I lost the actual pattern for it.
a false start to a long scarf, originally it was going to be a cowl
I was more than half way through the convertible cowl idea, when I had put it down for several months. Come Christmas it was time to finish it so I could give it as a gift, but then I couldn't find the pattern I was working on so started to unravel it to work it out, thinking I would only undo a little bit. But it unravelled a lot more easily than last time I tried to unravel this yarn. And because I was convinced Liz would prefer the long and skinny, I just kept unravelling.I ended up using the 7mm hook and doing a width of just 10 dc so the scarf is extra long and skinny.

This scarf is so long, it can be doubled over, maybe even thrice over. It measures a very long 2.8 meters, and is skinny so if it was doubled over it will be nice, thick and warm. The perfect thing for winter ... when it gets here!

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