Friday, December 7, 2012

Farewell to Sindy

I really don't fully understand why I have these in my possession, but I do and thankfully not for too much longer. I put these up for sale on ebay yesterday and someone has placed a bid already, much to my relief!
two Sindy dolls that have been briefly and inexplicably in my possession for about a year
Looking back I guess I must have been experiencing some sadness at leaving my World of Warcraft guild, it had been a big part of my life for nearly 3 years. Getting back in touch with reality I think took a period of time, during which I went through a phase of looking at toys from my childhood on ebay. I actually bought three lots, a lot of Sindy furniture, a lot of 8 dolls and some cane doll's furniture. Two of the dolls were Sindy dolls, and another was also made by the same company, so I put all the Sindy items together to list as a bulk lot.
I'm glad to say farewell to this bulk lot of Sindy by Pedigree items
I did have a Sindy doll when I was a child, I think it was from 1981 and wore a brown floral dress. I cut her hair short and made her my man doll because I didn't have a Ken doll. Oh, the terrible things some children do! I also had a cupboard much like the one in this photo. For the past year I've been really worrying about what I was going to do with these things I really do not need, and now they are going to a better home. Farewell!

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