Sunday, December 2, 2012

Handcrafted Hanging Stars

My mum gave some shiny ribbon still brand new with the tags on, it looked perfect to make some decorations so I made these hanging stars. My friend Hazel saw them and asked me to make some more for her, so I have another order for my little shop!

4 handcrafted hanging stars in white gold ribbon
I used my 6mm hook, which worked well with these hanging stars. I just used my simple 5 pointed star pattern, plus and extra 16 ch for the hanging loop. Making the hanging stars were simple enough, the tricky part was sewing in the ends. After I was nearly finished, I realised it was easier to simply weave them in with a 4mm hook.

multi-coloured stars in white gold, gold, bronze and silver
stars hanging on a pine tree
I think they look really cute, what do you think?

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