Saturday, December 1, 2012

Potted Garden Update, Summer 2012

The potted tomatoes are looking great and I have high expectations for them. The first fruit have appeared, although its only been just over a month ago now that I planted the seedlings into the 30cm pots. I went to Stanthorpe last weekend for a tomato pruning lesson, so I now know I'm on the right track with these tomatoes. I also have some self seeded cherry tomatoes I've decided to allow to grow, but this time I will prune and stake them, and not let them run wild like I did last Autumn.
first fruit of the tomato bushes
two tomato bushes planted out into 30cm pots just over a month ago are doing very well
Now I've started fertilising weekly, the capsicums are looking more confident. They're still producing small fruit like they have for a while, but there is more foliage. I hope this is a sign that the plant it healthier and about to produce better sized fruit.
I have 5 pots of capsicum that are a couple of years old
The beetroot is looking great. I fertilise that with worm tea mixed with power-feed once or twice a fortnight. The roots look to be about the size of golf balls so are about ready to start picking. I like to use the leaf as well as the root, cooked with the evening meal like spinach.
beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, rosemary
The potted garden is looking better than ever, but I have high hopes it will continue to improve now that I have started feeding more often, and of course, pruning those pesky tomatoes!
more baby tomatoes

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