Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sindy doll underwear

One thing I did after I first got the Sindy dolls, which I blogged about yesterday, was to make this doll's underwear. I'll be including it with the package I've sold on ebay which will end in a few days, so I thought I should record what I did.
some custom made underwear I made for a Sindy doll
I don't remember clearly how I made this so I can't share the pattern with you. I improvised this to fit the doll, which is why I'm not keeping it for my Barbie collection. It's s simple slip on top, made the same way I've made other tops for the Barbie dolls. The underwear was custom fit, with scallops around the edges. Hopefully you can see what I mean from the photographs.
back view of the underwear
Every doll needs a proper set of underwear, don't you think?

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