Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bunting Flags, free pattern

I've made some improvements on the first lettered bunting I did for my son's room, which had his name Thomas on it. After my first bunting, I decided the lettering should all be in the one colour and in capital letters so its easier to read.
Happy Birthday bunting
This bunting has a flag shape instead of a triangle shape, to allow a square space for the capital letters to fit. Once you've made all your bunting flags, you join them together with a couple of rows of sc, with loops at both ends to make it easier to hang. After I had finished these, I ironed them to make them lay flat. Because I used brightly coloured acrylic, they need to be ironed as they can't be blocked like natural fibres.
letters are all in white and are capital so they stand out and are easy to read
Bunting Flags with contrast edging
worked in rows, with one round edge, gauge not important other than to be consistent across the project
1. ch 21 (21st ch counts as 1st sc), sc into 3rd ch from hook, sc into each chain to end, turn (20 sc)
2. ch 1 sk 1 (counts as 1st sc throughout), sc into next and each st to end (including starting chain of the prev. row throughout), turn (20sc)
3-20. repeat 2nd row until you have 20 rows
21. ch 1 sk 1, sk next, sc into next and into ea st to end, turn (19 sc)
22. ch 1 sk 1, sk next, sc into next and into ea st to end, turn (18 sc)
23. ch 1 sk 1, sk next, sc into next and into ea st to end, turn (17 sc)
24-39. cont. as above, decreasing every row by 1 sc
40. ch 1 sk 1 sl st into starting ch of prev. row, fasten off
41. in contrast colour (I chose white), weave in ends into edging, sc into ea starting ch or last sc of every row, with 3 sc into each of the 3 corners, sc into ea of the 20 ch of row 1., fasten off and sew in end
42. with contrast colour (I chose white), place the yarn on the wrong side of the flag and pull through with hook to sl st your letter, when the letter requires you to back track, estimate how much yarn you need for the letter and cut (I allow at least 3 x the length of the remaining letter), thread onto yarn needle and sew on the wrong side until your yarn is where you need it to be to continue your letter


  1. Nice simple pattern, just what I was looking for to make some similar bunting as a gift. Thanks so much for sharing through Ravelry!

  2. thankyou! I'm glad you found this useful <3

  3. what does sk mean?

  4. sk is short for skip, in this case skip one stitch, I hope this helps!

  5. This is great, thank you!! Hopefully I can bang this out in the next 15 days for my baby shower...
    However I wanted to mention that acryllic CAN be blocked! Just use a steamer and it will block out beautifully


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