Sunday, December 23, 2012

Festive Star Garland

I made this up quickly to put on our Christmas tree. The ends of this thick arcylic ribbon are hard to weave in, so I did the whole garland in one take.
Festive Star Garland is made with one piece of yarn
I began with 15 ch then sl st to form a loop for hanging. I then did another 15 ch, then another 2 more to start the first star. 9 dc into the 2nd ch from hook formed the first round of the first star. Round two begins with 4 ch then 2 dc into the same, then I continued with my 5 pointed star pattern. To end, I did 1 dc into the same as the 1st 2 dc then sl st into the first ch sp. Another sl slst and you are at the tip of the first point so able to do another 15 ch for the garland. This way you don't have to fasten off for each and every star, but just do the whole thing with one piece of yarn.
the underside of a star so it can be made in one take
Merry Christmas!

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