Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Black and White Striped Tea Towel Topper

This is the last in a series of 3 tea towel toppers I've made for my sister's birthday. It compliments the white tea towel topper and the black tea towel topper I've made which will be in the post to Darwin very soon!

black and white striped tea towel topper
For this tea towel topper, I changed colours to create stripes to match the tea towel. I did not fasten off each colour after each stripe, but left the cotton at the side and picked it up when it was time to change. So I could do that, there are 2 rows of each colour, so I could go back to the side that had the cotton waiting. The white stripes are 2 rows of dc, the black stripes are 2 rows of sc so they are thinner. Other wise the decreasing rows are the same as the black tea towel topper I made. I'm glad I decided to do the sc edge in black, I think it looks better than if I did it in white. Lastly, I chose a pretty grey button that I think compliments the stripes.

Happy Birthday, Sis!
<3 <3

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