Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pink Swimsuit for a Pink Haired Doll

pink swimsuit for a Barbie doll
One of the gifts I received for Valentine's Day was this gorgeous pink haired Fashionista doll! Summer is so hot here right now in Brisbane, I just had to add a swimsuit to her wardrobe immediately!

back of swimsuit
Using a very pretty variegated pink cotton that my mother gave me, which I recently used to make a tiny pink heart garland, and my 1.75mm hook, I had a go at my first swimsuit for a Barbie doll. It wasn't too hard, I started it while my baby was asleep on Wednesday afternoon and got it finished by dinner time. I'm thinking I might make another one for my other Fashionista doll (as she is probably very jealous right now!), so I can check the pattern. If all goes well I'll post the pattern when I blog about that. If I get a chance the second swimsuit will use a variegated orange my mum also gave me.

zombie doll head
As well as being a Fashionista doll like the first doll I bought since I started collecting a couple of years ago, this one is also a Swappin' Styles doll. This means you can change the heads around. To start, she was actually blonde, but you can remove that head and attach the pink haired one instead. I've never bought a doll like this before because the idea of having an extra head without a body seemed wrong, like having Frankenstein body parts. Now I have a Zombie Doll head, I wonder what I can do with it? Maybe I can make her into a pincushion? There is just something very wrong about having a doll head lying around!

I also just have to show you the card my husband gave me for Valentine's Day. On this day especially more than any other, we like to give each other personalised cards.

a personalised Valentine's card from moonpig
My husband got this card printed from moonpig. He said it was easy to download a photo, he chose one of the three of us at Christmas time. You design the card and choose all the words. Then they post it to you, or you can have them post it directly to the intended recipient. And the price is similar to the greeting cards you can buy from the store.

The cards my mother makes are far more beautiful, but on Valentine's Day I think its especially nice to get a card from my husband that he designed. Awwwww, that's lovey dovey!

Today I am following my favourite blog party Pink Saturday at How Sweet the Sound, check it out!


  1. You were blessed with so many neat gifts.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday. Your pink haired friend is so lucky to have you to suit her up in that fab outfit.

  3. Happy Pink Saturday. I adore your pink Barbie swimsuit!

  4. oh, thankyou so much! Thankyou for visiting <3


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