Sunday, February 19, 2012

Portable Kitchen Shelf

a portable kitchen shelf for renters

This is not the first one of these portable kitchen shelves I've made, but the first one I've blogged about! Because we are renters we can't put up normal shelves, so I've  made a couple of these portable ones which will be usable at the next place we move to.

shelf ingredients!
I decided this morning that I needed a smaller shelf to go on top of the larger one I made a couple of years ago. We went to Bunnings and I got my ingredients! One plank of pine cut into 3 pieces, 2 x 35cm and 1 x 70cm. There was a 40cm left over piece at the end, because the plank was 1.8m long, so that is going to become a chopping board! The hardest part is asking and waiting for someone to cut up my piece of pine, as I don't have a saw. They do it very quickly, once they start, and the cuts are very smooth. Bunnings do this free of charge with a purchase of timber.

leftover pine chopping board
The other things I needed were 4 angle brackets with screws to go in the corners, some hooks to go along the front to hang things on, and some sand paper. I also bought a portable drill today, as last time we borrowed a drill. I just gave the 3 pieces of pine a quick sand and roughly screwed the angle brackets into the corners! I know its a bit wonky, but I only want to put a few light things on it to get them up and out of the way, I don't think it needs to be sturdier than this. I did make it smaller and thiner than the first shelf so it would have less chance of falling over, I don't think it will topple.

The most fun part of course is at the end, when I get to put my stuff on it!
a happy kitchen shelf!

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  1. Hi Tenna, That shelf is a great idea. Your measuring cups are really cute! Thanks for your visit and comment. I'm one of your new followers. Have a great week. Joyous Wishes, Linda


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