Friday, February 10, 2012

Fluffy-edged Love Heart Pillow

Fluffy-edged Love Heart Pillow
Here is a new Valentine's Day project, a small fluffy edged heart pillow, how sweet! You could fill it with lavender for a scented gift. For this I used my thick cotton blend and a 4mm hook. This is too hard for me to write a proper pattern, so I'll just describe what I did.

To make one heart side, I started by chaining 10, then did 10 rows of 10 sc (counting the 1st ch as a sc).  This 10 x 10 stitch square forms the bottom part of the heart. For a heart cheek, I sl st 2 along a side, and then 6 dc into the middle of the side of the square, sk 2 sl st, sl st 2 along the side until I got to the corner of the square, turn. Then 2 dc into every dc for a total of 12 stitches, sl st into the other corner of the square. I then did another cheek an the adjacent side of the square. I finished the heart in the middle of the 2 cheeks.

I then did the heart for the other side without fastening off,  I just started a square right from the middle of the 2 cheeks. When I completed the square, I joined the 2 squares along one side only with sc to get me to a side that would have a cheek. I started a cheek opposite a cheek on the first heart. When I completed a cheek, I joined 2 cheeks of 2 different hearts with sc to get to the point where I needed to put the last heart cheek. After that cheek, I joined those with sc. By that point there was just one opening left between the 2 hearts where I could put some stuffing. I used old wool that was too weak to use for anything else as the stuffing for this pillow. After I had filled the pillow, I joined the last sides of squares with sc and fastened off.
stitching 2 hearts together

For an optional embellishment, I put an edge of sc along the joins of the 2 hearts using fluffy red fun yarn. This is a sweet little pillow for Valentine's Day. I think I'll give it to my baby son as a cot toy!

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