Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Variegated Drawstring Bag with fluffy purple lip

drawstring bag pattern by Teena Sutton Murphy
I made this little bag because my friend requested it for her friend's daughter. I hope the recipient likes it!

Free Little Drawstring Bag Pattern by Teena Sutton Murphy

~ you are welcome to use this pattern for your own purposes, pattern not for sale by anyone, do not copy it, link to this blog instead ~

For this I used a 4mm hook and some variegated DK acrylic from Lincraft.

1. start with a chain 10cm long
2. dc in 3rd ch from hook, dc in every ch to end, 3 extra dc in last ch, turn, dc in the bottom of every ch, sl st to form a round.
3. ch 2, dc in every dc to end, sl st in 2nd ch
4. repeat round 3 for a total of 11 rounds
5. ch 2, (sk 1, sc, ch 1) repeat to end, sl st in 2nd ch
6. ch 2, (dc in next sp, dc in dc) repeat to end, sl st in 2nd ch,
7. sl st 2 inside dc, ch 20cm long, fasten, thread this chain in and out of the sp and ch of round 5, sl st in 1st ch, fasten off
8. start a ch on a dc in the 10th round (2 rounds below drawstring), ch for as long as you want the handle, attach to opposite side to 1st ch on the 10th round
9. sc 3 around the dc the ch is attached to, turn, dc in every ch, straighten the handle before sl st to the dc the 1st ch of round 8 is attached to, fasten off
10. sc a fluffy yarn to the lip, by sc in every dc, fasten off (opt.)
11. sew a flower embellishment onto the front (opt.)

This is in US crochet.
To convert to UK crochet
sc = double crochet
dc = treble crochet

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