Monday, February 27, 2012

Black Tea Towel Topper with white flower

Here is the second tea towel topper I've made for my sister's birthday, which is this weekend. It's a plain black one, with a simple 7 petal flower at the button. Here is a link to the white tea towel topper I've made.

black tea towel topper with contrasting flower
For this one I used a 3mm hook so the stitches are not as spread apart as the first topper I made. I began with an embroidered chain stitch using needle and black 4ply cotton. The first row of crochet is a sc in every embroidered stitch, the second row is a dc in every sc. I started decreasing at the 3rd row, decreasing every second dc, the 4th row is a dc in every dc. The 5th row is decreasing in every second dc, the 6th row does not decrease with a dc in every dc. The next 3 rows are decreasing, with a decreasing stitch in every 2nd dc. By the 11th row there are about 8 dc, if not a decrease a couple more until there is. From there the strap is 8 rows of 8 dc each. The last row of the strap is 2 ch, 3 dc, 8 ch (for a button hole), sl st into top of 3rd dc, 4 dc, turn. Then I put about 15 dc into the button hole at sl st at the other side. Then I slst to the button hole and did a round of sc on the inside of the button hole and fastened off. This last round forms the foundation of the flower. Still in the black cotton, I went around the edge of the topper with sc. Changing to a constrasting colour, I started the 7 petal flower at the sc round at the button hole. I started with sc in 1 sc, then in teh next sc its (hdc, dc, trb, dc, hdc) sc in next sc, etc. I just put enough petals around the sc round to form a flower with petals that lay flat, skipping a few sc to do so. Lastly, I attached a large button of constrasting colour.

Well, I hope my description of what I did to make this topper makes sense. Its not exactly a pattern, as its not something I think you can predict perfectly, it depends on the tea towel! I'm not overly keen on tea towel toppers myself, but I'm pretty happy with this one, I think its rather cute!

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