Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Heart Spagetti Garland

I was at a loss as to what I could make to go inside the tiny red sauce pot I was going to give my husband for Valentine's Day (he loves to cook, and if you do too, make sure you check out his cooking blog Dave's Home Cooking). After making tiny heart garlands over the last few days, I finally came up with the idea of making one that resembled spagetti to put in his little pot!
love heart spagetti garland in a pot
I can't believe I got almost everything done that I wanted to get done by Valentine's Day! The only thing I would have liked to have made that I didn't get to do, is to make my own homemade gift paper, but I ended up grabbing some from the store. Not as nice I know but, oh well, something had to give!

This garland is a lot bigger than the other heart garlands I've made which are 'tiny'. In this one there are 12 red hearts all up and it's over 2 metres long, it's red and white colours make it a good Christmas decoration. For the hearts I used my 3.5mm hook for the thick red cotton hearts, and my 3mm hook for the white 4 ply cotton spagetti. I didn't realise until after I started that I didn't have enough of the thick white cotton to do the spagetti and decided the 4 ply would be ok. There are 30 ch between each heart and 5 ch from heart cheek to cheek. Loops at each end make this garland easy to hang up as a decoration.
love heart spagetti garland design by Teena Sutton Murphy
I also had a chance to make up a rustic Valentine's card for my hubby while he was watching a movie and the baby was napping. You have to make hay while the sun shines! I quickly made up a cute little card in a rustic style, by first tracing 2 hearts onto card using a cookie cutter. Then I cut them out and sewed them together with blanket stitch and red thread. Finally I used baby's crayons to make a rustic heart on the front and a special message inside.

making a love heart card using a cookie cutter
Its not as nice as the handmade greeting cards my mum makes, but I like to make one myself for my husband on Valentine's Day. Its just a little special thing that's nice to do. Even if my card ended up very  "rustic"!
a rustic handmade Valentine's card

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