Monday, February 13, 2012

Turquoise Heart Garland Love Charm

beaded turquoise tiny heart garland
I made this beaded turquoise heart garland for a friend as a birthday gift, it can be used as a lucky love charm for the bedroom, or as a Christmas tree decoration like the red heart garland I have made. Its also similar to the tiny blue heart garland I made the other day. This one is 70cm long.

Do you ever make something that seems to make itself? It just mysteriously comes into being and you don't know how the design occured? This is what happened here! I've been wondering for a couple of weeks how to incorporate these beads into something I could give my friend for her birthday. They fell off her bracelet when she picked up my baby and he grabbed at it. All the beads fell to the floor of the coffee shop we were at, she told me not to bother to pick them up, but being a thrifty crafty person, I couldn't just leave a bunch of perfectly good beads lying there now could I?

close-up of a tiny turquoise heart
I was thinking of making a small bag with a beaded edge, then I thought of a beaded jug cover. I've even bought the netting to go in the middle, but when I tried it out it didn't work too well. I think I'll leave making jug covers for another time! I don't know how the idea of this heart garland came to me today (Friday), but my friend's birthday is on Valentine's Day so she needed a heart garland, didn't she?

I pulled out all my 4 ply cottons to find a colour that might suit the turquoise beads. On my desk was a pile of colours that were possibilities. I decided upon the glittery turquoise as it was quite a good match and made my first heart, using my favourite little heart pattern at Suzie's Stuff. Then I remembered the tiny pink hearts I made the other day and put one beside it. I realised the other colours I had piled there would look good, so I made a heart each of those. I put the pink one back and found these remaining seven colours went well with the beads as a group. I fastened off each tiny heart using a yarn needle. I'm glad I decided to do different coloured hearts as I think they would have got lost if the whole thing was the one colour.

I then did the joining chain using the glittery turquoise. Each end has 50 ch, with a loop for hanging. In between each heart is 20 ch on which I threaded 3 beads. I counted up all the beads and allocated the beads so every one was used. This was the first time I've crochet with beads and it wasn't too difficult, I used my tinyiest .75mm hook to get the thread through the beads. For the rest of it I used my 1.75mm hook. The ch is attached to each heart at each cheek with a sc and 4 ch in between, with another bead.

Its something frivolous, a cheery thing to bring good luck, I hope my friend likes it!
a lucky love charm or Christmas decoration

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