Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sea Green and Navy Blue Baby Bottle Cosy

sea green and navy blue baby bottle cosy
A friend suggested I try making a baby bottle cosy, so I googled images and saw some that inspired me to give it a whirl!

The pattern I made up for this is pretty straight forward, with a circle for the base, and a cylindrical side. The 1st round has 12 dc, the 2nd round has 24 (2 dc in every dc). The 3rd round is a row of sc (2 sc, 1 sc) repeated making 36 stitches. The 4th round starts up the sides of the bottle, so every row from then on has 36 stitches.

For this sea green and navy blue striped pattern, I repeated the 2 rounds of dc followed by a round of sc up the sides. Half way up the navy blue cosy, I switched to sea green on a sc round. The next round was a dc of navy blue, the next a dc of sea green. Then there is a round of sc in navy blue, finally the last 2 rounds are dc in sea green.

I thought I would need to make a drawstring lip, but when I finished it and tried it on the bottle I found it fit snugly without it. I think this is pretty good for a first go, I used a 4mm hook so it didn't take long to make this up, and I used acrylic yarn.

I'm thinking I might need to dream up how I can make this double-sided like my Ladybird tea cosy, for extra insulation!

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