Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Happy Potted Dwarf Lime Tree

our potted dwarf lime tree is nearly 3 years old
Our 2 and a half year old potted dwarf lime tree is thankfully looking a lot happier this season, after some T.L.C. about 6 months ago.

Last year our lime tree was dropping leaves, and a fair few of the leaves were yellow. We were very worried about our darling, we didn't want to lose it considering how much we invested in it! After some research we found out the yellowing was caused by not feeding it enough fertiliser, and too much water sitting in the base. We started being vigilant about tipping out the excess water from the base, and making sure it got a good feed regularly. It gets a liquid fertiliser every 3 or 4 weeks, as well as some slow release citrus plant food pellets. Last winter we top dressed it, by removing as much soil from the top as we could using just our hands, and replacing that with fresh premium quality potting mix. We also did that the previous winter.

flowering potted dwarf lime tree
After keeping up with a regiment of regular feeding, our potted lime tree is looking better than ever, and I'm so relieved! The leaves are now a healthy dark green, the tree is as tall as I am and the missing leaves have been replaced. There is even a new blush of flowers, promising a new crop to come!

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